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Known as the premier designer and manufacturer of custom conversion vans, Sherrod Custom Vans continues to offer incredible value and service to Indianapolis custom conversion van customers. Managed by its original owner, Jack Sherrod, Sherrod Vans continues to provide a uniquely designed conversion van, tailored to both the driver and passengers.  Backed by a quality warranty and Hubler Chevrolet’s service department, they stand above the rest. Mr. Sherrod’s name and reputation is on each and every vehicle, and Hubler in Indianapolis believes these are the best vans for the best price in Indiana.

These vans are multipurpose to satisfying the needs any customer. Whether you need a mobile office or pure luxury touring, these custom vans offer the solution. All the design concepts emerge from “luxury,” and the interior of our vans mirror the level of detail, design and comfort which are usually reserved for luxury yachts and private aircraft. With a Sherrod Van, you can “stay connected” with all of your multi-media devices through wi-fi compatibility and the game control center.

Sherrod Vans refuses to outsource manufacturing. The 73,000 square foot Sherrod headquarters in Waycross, Georgia houses Research and Development, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing and Customer Service. The Sherrod commitment to quality of product remains unsurpassed. To insure that performance is not sacrificed in the name of luxury and comfort, all of the manufacturing processes are meticulously reviewed by Quality Engineers .

For Indianapolis residents needing professional, client services, meet and greet, or just pure luxury touring, from short hauls to long hauls, there is no equivalent to the Sherrod Van experience when it comes to safety, comfort, performance, and luxury. Hubler Chevrolet in Indianapolis is dedicated to these same principles. 

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